B2J Suancai Fish will warm you up

The Seattle Times called it ‘‘compulsively eatable” and “a sour, spicy, velvety wonder.”  Let’s just say the offerings at B2J Suancai Fish (Chinese sauerkraut fish) taste just as good in Houston as in Seattle.  With [...]

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District’s partnership with apartment owners yields benefits for kids, families

Glenwood Apartments Teachers and principals at several Houston elementary and middle schools noticed a positive trend in public education soon after a partnership was formed between the Southwest Management District and the Houston [...]

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Pharmacy brings personal service to new and multi-lingual levels

As you drive around Houston, it is common to see large pharmacy chain stores on almost every other block. And then there is the small independent pharmacy, competing against those giants and maintaining a loyal [...]

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Graffiti abatement program keeps Southwest community looking good

In every major city, wherever there is an empty outdoor wall space, one might find the not-so-special artwork of graffiti casting a blemish on the area. While some may think of it as wasted artistic [...]

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Tiger Sugar: Bellaire Food Street’s latest Instagram-worthy destination

Walking into the recently opened, ultra-popular Tiger Sugar boba tea shop at Bellaire Food Street, I suddenly had a feeling like I’d seen this ordering procedure somewhere before. Walk in. Move immediately to your right. [...]

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Two Hands: Korean-Style Dogs Dressed Up and Ready to Be Devoured

It’s been deemed “The Most Famous Hot Dog in Korea” and now it’s here in Houston for you to enjoy. And in true Houston Rodeo-style fashion, it’s eaten on a stick.  Known for their deep-fried [...]

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A beloved prince of burgers (and other comfort food) is back!

A life-size statue of a hip-swiveling Elvis Presley stands in the corner of the former Sharpstown Park Golf Course snack bar. He holds a golf club. On his lapel is the familiar red logo of [...]

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‘Chow Down in Chinatown’ Group Swells to 12,000+ Members

Chinatowns, including Houston’s Chinatown, were among the first affected by economic slowdown when news of a coronavirus first broke early this year. #eatlocal and #supportchinatown became popular hashtags and local community leaders and others made [...]

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