Meet HPD’s compassionate Asian community liaison

As the Houston Police Department’s Asian community liaison, Officer Don Vo is a familiar face throughout the city and especially in the International and Southwest management districts. He embodies the “community policing” approach of cultivating [...]

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Chinese Community Center steps up to help in unusual and usual times

The Chinese Community Center, at 9800 Town Park Drive in the Southwest Management District, has long been a lifeline providing cultural, educational programs and a wide range of social services to people in the southwest [...]

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The next Independence Hall is coming, thanks to Houston Baptist University

Visitors to Philadelphia make sure not to miss Independence Hall, called the birthplace of our country and our founding principles. It was where the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and debated and approved [...]

Mayor declares “Alice Cheng Lee Day” in the City of Houston in honor of the District’s executive director

Alice Cheng Lee May 12, 2021 will always be a special day for the Southwest Management District and its executive director, Alice Cheng Lee. Mayor Sylvester Turner declared it “Alice Cheng Lee Day” [...]

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New vision for Hillcroft Ave. safety taking shape

An ambitious project to enhance safety along the Hillcroft corridor is a game-changer for the southwest Houston community that is home to one of the most diverse populations in the region. Construction is under way [...]

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Noodles made by special workers (most of them human) lead to a growing Chinatown introduction

A Chinese restaurant in the Southwest Management District employs what is apparently Houston’s only noodle-pulling robot. And the owner of Kuen Noodle House, Sam Zhang, grew up in Lanzhou, a province in arid northwest China, [...]

A Persian restaurant gem in the Gandhi District

Persian cuisine, which comes from the area now mostly taken up by Iran, is an interesting blend of spices and flavors. Bijan Persian Grill at 5922 Hillcroft in the Gandhi District — where Indian restaurants [...]

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Longtime partners in crime control: Police Chief Troy Finner & the Southwest District

Houston’s new police chief, Troy Finner, knows the people and businesses in the Southwest Management District. And the Southwest Management District knows the chief. Finner grew up on the southwest side of town in the [...]

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She charms diners with Ethiopian food while raising aid for refugees

Suzani Asmlash Grant is a restaurateur with a mission. She wants to introduce more Houstonians to the food of her homeland, Ethiopia, and she wants to raise $1 million for Ethiopian refugees in Sudan. You'll [...]

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Interview with history-making County Attorney Christian Menefee, an Alief grad

Christian Dashaun Menefee is the youngest elected Harris County attorney and the first African-American in the position. He has lived in Houston since early childhood and attended K-12 in the Klein and Alief independent school [...]

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