Keep the Southwest Management District working for YOU!

Did you know that the District is served by an all-volunteer Board made up from our diverse business community who work to provide:

Public Safety

Daily patrols and a 24/7 dispatch call center by S.E.A.L. Security Solutions with proactive initiatives by off-duty HPD officers and camera installations in high crime areas.


Landscaping in major corridors and identity wayfinding signage — along with graffiti removal, litter abatement, and underpass cleanups.

Services & Initiatives

Stimulating business growth by working with partners such as Chambers of Commerce, Realtors, and City of Houston agencies.

Southwest Management District Quick Facts:

  • DOES NOT DUPLICATE City of Houston services… rather, the District provides services that the City of Houston does not provide.
  • IS recognized by HPD and other government services groups as one of the City’s MOST EFFICIENT management districts.

  • Has one of the LOWEST assessment rates of any management district in the state of Texas.

“We fully support the Southwest Management District’s hard work to deal with difficult issues of crime, homelessness and a range of other urban issues that impact our community. Without the District, those services would disappear.”


“I know when I call the District for help, the right resources show up. I’m sick of these calls from people telling me that the District doesn’t provide enough value. Those people need to come down to my property at midnight on a Saturday night and see what’s happening. I’m glad we have a management district that is interested in my needs.”


Keep the Southwest Management District working for you!

We encourage all commercial property owners to get involved with the Southwest Management District to understand the issues & investment priorities.

The District holds open Board meetings on the 4th Monday of each month @12 noon unless otherwise noted.

The District holds open committee meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month:
@9am Public Safety • @10:30am Environmental & Urban Design • @11:30am Business & Economic Development

You can also call 713.501.8719 with any questions.
Stay informed at

Watch the video to learn more about what we do for public safety in the community.