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Clínica médica del sureste de Houston ofrece un camino hacia la atención primaria

Enormes fotografías de naturaleza. Modernas sillas tapizadas. Una pareja de mediana edad se inclina sobre un portapapeles para firmar formularios. En la convencional sala de espera de una clínica en Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, no [...]

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Party of 1: Pepper Lunch blends Asian influences with U.S.-style solo sizzle

It's not every lunch chain that confronts you with a spitting-hot iron pan bound by a paper collar that warns: DO NOT TOUCH.   But it's mealtime as usual at Pepper Lunch, a Japanese DIY steakhouse [...]

By |2022-02-07T15:20:28-06:00February 1st, 2022|My Southwest District|0 Comments

SW Houston medical clinic provides a new path to primary care

Giant nature photographs. Sleek, upholstered chairs. A middle-aged couple leaning over a clipboard signing forms. In the thoroughly conventional waiting room of a clinic at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, there’s nothing to immediately suggest that [...]

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Chinatown roars back like a lion with an Asian City Center project

The event was thick with symbolism when costumed Chinese-American youths performed a “lion dance” for the Houston mayor, a congressman and other dignitaries gathered in Chinatown. The enchanting, eye-catching footwork celebrated the approach of the [...]

By |2022-01-25T22:13:46-06:00January 25th, 2022|My Southwest District|0 Comments

Sweet Memes: Come for desserts & teas, leave with memories & photos

Just north of Bellaire Boulevard in Chinatown, Sweet Memes Desserts & Tea is a charming shop whose neighbors include Mein restaurant and Blkdog Coffee in the Yun-Lu Center.  With plush seating and vibrant faux flowers [...]

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Spice, fusion, balance: Delving into authentic Malaysian cuisine

Compared to other Asian cuisines found in Houston, Malaysian cuisine is relatively new to the metropolitan area — partly because its authenticity is difficult to achieve. As Banana Leaf restaurant partner Bobby Lim says, not [...]

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Retiree dedicated to service wins Texas award for aiding SW Houston families

Madan Luthra of Houston was a child refugee when he first learned about selfless service to others. Born five days after the 1947 partition of the Indian subcontinent, in what is now Jodhpur, Pakistan, Luthra [...]

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Police commander over vast diverse area emphasizes community bonds

Commander Jennifer Read Houston is a city known for its diverse population. Serving one of Houston’s most diverse areas is the Houston Police Department’s Midwest Division, led by Commander Jennifer Read.  Midwest Division is [...]

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