Defending Gulfton and the Galleria

I was disappointed to read recent comments from the mayor regarding constituents in Gulfton. These remarks do not reflect the values and needs of our community. As the representative for Gulfton and the Galleria, I know firsthand the importance of ensuring our community has a seat at the table. To best serve our residents, we must listen to their voices and prioritize their needs. It’s crucial that we work together to enhance our infrastructure, provide reliable public transportation, and ensure all residents feel included and respected. Together, we can build a better, more inclusive future for Gulfton, the Galleria and every resident of Houston.


Justice for Houston Janitors

Congratulations to the Houston janitors for negotiating a new union contract with building contractors, achieving a significant wage increase. Many janitors live in the Gulfton neighborhood and often use public transportation to get to and from their jobs cleaning office buildings and retail spaces in the Galleria area and downtown Houston. Full-time workers will earn at least $15 per hour, with those having over five years of experience reaching $15.50 by the end of the four-year contract. Part-time workers will see their wages rise to a minimum of $14.10 per hour. This contract also includes an extra floating holiday and ensures that 70% of janitors will have at least a 25-hour workweek. The janitors received strong support from the local community, including the District J office. SEIU Texas President Elsa Flores highlighted this victory as the most significant since the janitors first organized in 2006.

Support for Educators and Staff of HISD

In recent weeks, the Houston Independent School District (HISD) announced the layoffs of hundreds of valued educators and staff members, some of whom are in District J. Last month, Council Member Pollard expressed his concerns and posed critical questions to the HISD leadership about their decision-making process and asked that the city of Houston to put forth a resolution in support of the many educators and staff who work hard every day in service to our children. The council member also stood along side other supporters in a rally calling for action in HISD.

Autism Resources in District J

Council Member Edward Pollard saw a need among families with autism for services in Southwest Houston, so he partnered with Social Motion to make sure constituents have a low-cost, valuable resource in District J. Social Motion is a Houston-based nonprofit dedicated to teaching social and vocational skills to individuals with autism and similar developmental disorders. Serving approximately 200 children, adolescents, and young adults each week, Social Motion is a leader in providing specialized training and supporting inclusion efforts for those with neurodiversity and developmental disabilities. Their programs are designed to empower participants, fostering independence and enhancing quality of life. For more information about their services and how they can benefit your family, visit their website at

Alianza Against Crime

District J residents and community leaders came together for the annual Alianza Against Crime event, held at the Napoleon Square Apartments in Gulfton. This event aims to bridge the gap between police and the community and provide resources and programs for residents to learn about on site. Approximately 85% of District J residents live in apartment complexes and have challenges learning about everything the city offers. This event brings that information straight to residents. Special thanks to Tammy Rodriguez for all her leadership on this initiative. Also, thank you to Dorothy Fuentes, Veronica Hernandez, Azeb Yusuf, and the entire Gulfton Management District, Gulfton Citizen’s Advisory Council, Harris County DA’s office, PACA, Community Health Choice, and all the other vendors and volunteers who participated and made the event a success. Always a huge appreciation to HPD and HFD for all their support and collaboration.

Sharpstown Civic Association Meeting

Council Member Pollard recently met with members of the Sharpstown Civic Association to discuss key community concerns. The meeting covered a range of topics including public safety initiatives, storm recovery efforts, ongoing district projects, and issues related to the Houston Independent School District. This engagement highlights the council member’s commitment to addressing the needs and priorities of the Sharpstown community.

Volunteers Needed for Ronald McDonald Drive

Houston DIRECTV Loyalty Call center will be hosting a Ronald McDonald Drive to help donate to families in need. Houston has been partnering with this foundation for 3three years in celebration of DirecTv Day. Volunteers are needed to help package items to be distributed to families in need including food and personal care items.

Remembering Rev. Bill Lawson

Rev. William “Bill” Lawson, a giant in the religious and social justice communities, will be dearly missed. The founding pastor of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Rev. Lawson’s impact on Houston was profound. Under his leadership, the church grew from 13 members in the 1960s to over 14,000 today, becoming a cornerstone in the Third Ward. Rev. Lawson was a close collaborator with civil rights leaders, including Martin Luther King, Jr., and his work extended beyond the pulpit as a community activist. He will be remembered as a kind-hearted man who gave of himself for the betterment of Houston and all of humanity.

Community Impact Award

This past weekend, Council Member Pollard was humbled to receive the 2024 Community Impact Award from the Texas Southern University Honors College at their annual fundraiser luncheon. This award holds special significance for him because his mother, Dr. Dianne Jemison Pollard, served as the Dean of the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College as her final position after 44 years of service to the university. In honor of his mother, Council Member Pollard announced a personal donation to the Honors College in her name. Special thanks to Dean Miranda, Director Neal, and the entire faculty and staff for this recognition.

Sharpstown High School Theater

Congratulations to everyone at Sharpstown High School on the successful completion of their performance of SHREK JR. Council Member Pollard attended one of the performances to show support for the talented students. Your hard work and dedication shone brightly on stage, making the production a memorable experience for all.


District J Projects

9100 Block of Willow Meadow Dr.

Work crews replaced damaged concrete pavements near the 9100 block of Willow Meadow Dr.

9400 Block of Willow Meadow Dr.

A project to replace part of damaged sidewalk near the 9400 block of Willow Meadow Dr. has been completed.

Supplemental Maintenance Team

The Supplemental Maintenance Team is designed to supplement the essential services provided by the city, focusing on maintaining and beautifying Houston’s medians, right of ways, esplanades, accessible ditches and litter abatement on city property. District J residents can request this service by sending an email to our office at [email protected]. Be sure to add “SMT Request” in the subject line. Please include details of the request such as the location’s address and a picture if possible.

April SMT Projects

The SMT mowed a vacant, overgrown lot and cleared away debris along a curbside.



The HOT Team assists with picking up scattered debris, removing heavy trash, tree waste and illegal dumping, and handling specific landscaping issues. All requests for assistance from the HOT Team should be submitted via 311.

The District J HOT Team was called out to remove illegally dumped tree waste.

The HOT Team removes a massive pile of illegally dumped items along an easement.
The HOT Team removes an illegally dumped mattress and other items along a neighborhood sidewalk.
District J Patrol in Action

On the evening of May 31, 2024, Officer Thibeaux, while on overtime duty riding the District J ATV, observed a man in distress in the hazardous waters of Brays Bayou. The man appeared hurt and disoriented, rolling around and drinking the water. Using the ATV, Officer Thibeaux accessed the area, which was unreachable by patrol car due to earlier rain. With the assistance of an HPD helicopter, Officer Thibeaux engaged the man in conversation until he moved out of the water and up the embankment.

Officer Thibeaux then picked up a backup officer, and together they returned to safely detain the man, ensuring his protection from the dangerously high waters. They transported him in the ATV to Fondren, where HFD was ready to provide medical treatment. The man was then taken to Memorial Hermann SW for further care. This incident highlights the dedication and quick response of District J Patrol officers in ensuring the safety and well-being of our community.

District J Patrol is a three-pronged approach to public safety bridging the gap between the law enforcement officers in District J and the communities they serve. Sponsored by the District J office, this initiative includes community patrolling by Houston Police Department’s Differential Response Team (DRT), the use of five Polaris vehicles and the District J Patrol Task Force. Residents may report small neighborhood violations and infringements, such as panhandling, loitering, overgrown lots, graffiti, homeless encampments and other public nuisances. To file a report, visit the online portal at

To learn more about our modern approach to community policing, or to file a report regarding a quality of life issue, please visit To retrieve data, research policy, or to file a complaint online, visit