I first heard about Dutch Bros Coffee in one of my Facebook groups.

Someone wanted to know if anyone had the scoop on when the store at 7128 Bellaire Blvd. was going to open.

They posted: “I’m jonesing over here!”

All cravings for Dutch Bros Coffee’s drinks and treats can now be satiated right here in the Southwest Management District as the new spot is up and running and, judging by the line around the drive-thru and at the walk-up window on a recent Wednesday morning, business is brisk.

Founded in 1992 by Dane and Travis Boersma, Dutch Bros is headquartered in Grants Pass, Oregon, but — clearly — the word has spread all the way to Houston, where new locations of the drive-thru only shop have been popping up all around town. Dutch Bros has nearly 900 stores across 17 states.

The Boersmas are, as the name suggests, brothers of Dutch descent, who started their business when their family’s third-generation dairy farm was struggling. They started with an espresso cart. Later they added four more carts and, eventually, they opened their drive-thru locations and also began roasting their own coffee.

At the Southwest District Dutch Bros, employees — and upbeat music — greet you at the window, whether you walk up or drive through. You might catch a glimpse of a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, reflecting colorful lights that also reflect the colorful drinks and their name.

Tip: Be sure to look at the menu online as the one displayed on the side of the building is not complete. In fact, there are 25+ flavors available to add to your lemonade, tea, smoothie or slushy. If you’re looking to pump up your coffee drink and your body, try one of the protein coffees with no added sugars. If you need an extra boost, there are Rebel Energy drinks.

We went for the “Laser Cat” — a raspberry and coconut-flavored sparking soda — and the best-seller “Golden Eagle,” a vanilla and caramel breve (espresso and steamed half-and-half) with a caramel drizzle. We got the Golden Eagle iced but could see it being equally tasty frozen.

My companion tried the Chai Latte, which she enjoyed and gave it a thumbs up compared to chai lattes at other chains, and I ordered a Cold Brew with a “soft top” — a foamy, silky yet marshmallow-like cream — because I was curious what it was and, even though I’m usually a black coffee with just a splash of milk drinker, I would definitely go for a soft top again. It added a creaminess that made the coffee more of a treat than a necessity I chug to get through the day.

While the drink possibilities are seemingly endless, the snack choices are limited to a house-made granola bar and three flavors of muffin tops. Yup, you only get the top but, of course, we all know that’s the best part. The cashier recommended the chocolate chip muffin top but my more senior taste buds loved the orange cranberry.

In the end, it’s the “tops” that got me. I predict  I will be “jonesing” for a muffin top and a cold brew with a soft top very soon.

Dutch Bros Coffee
7128 Bellaire Blvd.

— Dorothy Puch Lillig