It seems like you can see a new boba shop every time you go to Chinatown in the Southwest Management District.

Yet, in its charming warmth and bustle, Möge Tee is not just another such shop. 

With tall, thin canisters of tea leaves lined up against the wall, whimsical flowers, and oaken tables and chairs dispersed around the room, Möge Tee has made itself at home at 9888 Bellaire Boulevard.

Möge Tee has over 380 locations around the world. CEO Li Zheng decided Houston would be a premium area for selling their teas and adding to the brand’s bubble tea legacy. 

“Houston, Texas is a very hot area, so Chinatown is our demographic for our concept,” Zheng explained. 

Tea is well known as a traditional part of Chinese culture and heritage and has evolved into different types that define different generations. Bubble tea has become a cultural cornerstone of the lives of Asian millennials and Gen Zers, especially over the last ten years. 

Older generations often shy away from it, however, because it is higher in milk and sugar content than traditional tea. 

But Zheng seeks to transform perceptions of bubble tea from an unhealthy dessert drink into a drink that health-conscious people can enjoy without concern. All-natural and fresh, its new-style teas are invigorating with their obvious dedication to high-quality and genuine ingredients. Some bubble tea shops use milk powder for their milk teas, but Möge Tee uses milk in its original form. 

“We consider ourselves a healthier bubble tea shop. We have our fruit teas, and everything we use are fresh ingredients. We have real tea – no artificial products. Everything is real, and we go to eco-friendly products, including our cups,” Zheng elaborated.

Not sure what to order? Cheese foam and fresh fruits are trendy toppings and ingredients that most Möge Tee customers go for. Recommended by Zheng, the mango pomelo cheese foam fruit tea is a popular iced drink blended with fresh mango and white tapioca bubbles. The drink is also great for those who have never tried cheese foam with their fruit or milk tea.

The top local orders include crème brûlée milk tea, brown sugar bubble milk tea, super fruit tea, and fresh strawberry tea with cheese foam. Even while enriched by crème brûlée sauce and bursting brown sugar bubbles, these milk teas are not too sweet, mirroring the way that Asian desserts are usually lighter and healthier than the usual American kind.

At Möge Tee, you can order sweetness levels down to 50% or 30% for most drinks that they offer, depending on your personal sugar tolerance. From ingredient to cup, this bubble tea brand is creative and intentional while honoring traditional Chinese tea culture. 

In English and Mandarin, the phrase “a sip of tea, make a wish” is big and bright on the main wall of the establishment. Möge Tee has a vision, in every sip, and so can you.

Möge Tee
9888 Bellaire Blvd., #150

Open 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily

— By Nicole Ting