Houston is almost 700 square miles, so big you can fit the city of Chicago inside Houston three times. Although our city departments work extremely hard, just due to sheer size, it’s difficult to address every issue as soon as we all may like. But that should not be an excuse not to get the work done – we just have to get more creative.

As such, my office has created the Supplemental Maintenance Team (SMT) that will focus on maintaining, mowing, and manicuring public weeded lots, esplanades, open ditches, and right-of-ways. These are already core functions of city services, but our departments need more help in getting it done in a timely fashion so our private crew will supplement this service.

District J residents can request this service may do so by sending an email to our office at [email protected]. Be sure to add “SMT Request” in the subject line. Please include details of the request such as the location’s address and a picture if possible.

This is a unique service only offered in District J that will be paid out of my council budget. A clean and well-kept community is what we deserve and what we intend to ensure. Thanks to all the department leadership and community stakeholders for your support.

Together we will!

Edward Pollard