The District is a municipal management district created by the Texas Legislature in 2005, House Bill No. 3526, of the 79th Legislature, Regular Session 2005, codified as Chapter 3850, Texas Special District Local Laws Code, and governed by Chapter 375, Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 49, Texas Water Code and Chapter 3850 Texas Special Districts Local Laws Code.

Southwest Management District (“District”) is seeking a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) from interested attorneys and law firms to provide Legal Services on an as needed or case-by-case basis in accordance with the terms, conditions and requirements set forth in the Request for Qualifications (RFQ). District will be selecting an experienced attorney and/or law firm to provide high quality and timely legal options and advice to the International Management District’s Board of Directors and administrative staff, especially with respect the following categories of work:

  • Special District Formation; Selected Counsel must possess the requisite knowledge and expertise in the formation of a special purpose district including, but not limited to all aspects of the Chapter 375 Local Gov’t. Code, State of Texas relating to service and assessment plans, property owners’ petition for services, hearing process, and meeting the legal requirements of an assessment order and approval of a final service plan and assessment plan.
  • General Legal Services; Selected Counsel will provide legal advice and representation with respect to projects and proposals pertaining to economic and community development that have legal ramifications and/or require legal input, including, but not limited to public- private partnerships and related matters.
  • Selected Counsel will represent the District in all legal matters in which the District is a party.
  • Selected Counsel will assist the District staff in responding to public information requests and conformance with the Texas Open Government laws.
  • Selected Counsel will attend regular board meetings, and occasional special called meetings, and review and draft legal documents as necessary for the benefit of the District and its function.

Attorney submitting statement of qualifications under this RFQ must be able to meet and/or exceed all the categories of work identified above.