It takes a lot to efficiently operate and maintain the fourth largest city in the country. One of our biggest challenges is keeping the city clean and ensuring we have adequate trash service. Our Solid Waste Department works tirelessly to pick up trash on time, but in a city this big, sometimes, unfortunately, they run behind. Knowing that can be frustrating for residents, my office contracted with a private vendor to periodically pick up heavy trash and tree waste from the curb of your home. On District J Private Trash Day we ensure residents that if you register to have your trash picked up, and it is on the curb by the designated time, it will be picked up in a timely manner with no excuses. District J is the only council district in the city that has provided this service, and it is our way of thinking outside the box on how to get more reliable trash service in our neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, due to some inconsiderate individuals, our city also has a problem with illegal dumping. To curb this issue, my office hired a crew to supplement the Solid Waste Department with a pickup truck and trailer, and every week they work in District J to pick up the illegal dumping and properly dispose of it. To report an area that has illegal dumping, please call 311 and then follow up with our office with the service request number, and we will send the HOT Team out to address it.

Not only do we need to hold city departments and residents accountable, but I also work to hold commercial property owners in our area accountable to ensure they keep their properties aesthetically pleasing. Below is a commercial parking lot near a major intersection in District J that was full of potholes and unevenness. After several attempts at contacting their corporate office, we were finally able to convince them to repave the entire lot. It looks so much better and improves the overall image of the area.

We must all take pride in our communities by doing our part to keep it clean and holding others accountable to do the same. 

Together we will!

Edward Pollard