Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a glimpse into the future of our beloved District J. For a long time, I’ve envisioned our district boasting the kind of upscale amenities typically found in more affluent suburban areas. My dream is to cultivate a vibrant community space where residents can come together to dine, engage in recreational activities, enjoy sports, conduct business, and relax in a serene environment.

One such opportunity for transformation lies with the Sharpstown Golf Course clubhouse, a local gem that, unfortunately, hasn’t seen significant renovation in decades. This venue holds enormous potential to be something truly grand, serving not just as a sports facility but as a multifunctional community town center.

In collaboration with the renowned STOA Architects, my office has embarked on an ambitious journey to revitalize this space. Our discussions and preliminary plans have begun taking shape, and I am heartened by the progress we’ve made in these initial stages. While we are at the beginning of this journey, the enthusiasm and constructive dialogue between stakeholders promise a fruitful path ahead.

This project underscores my commitment to enhancing the lifestyle and well-being of all District J residents. As we move forward, I assure you that community involvement and feedback will be a crucial part of our planning process. I eagerly look forward to sharing more detailed plans with you soon.

Together, we will see District J thrive and flourish. Thank you for your continuous support and belief in this transformative vision.

Together we will!

Edward Pollard