Security cameras funded by the Southwest Management District provided images that helped identify the two defendants in a dramatic, high-profile robbery at a Bellaire Boulevard shopping center in February, according to Houston police.

Police arrested Joseph Harrell, 17, and charged him with aggravated robbery and aggravated assault in an encounter that was also captured on the shopping center’s security video. The robber is seen body-slamming the victim — a widowed mother of three children — and running off with a large amount of cash she had withdrawn from a bank about 25 miles away earlier in the day.

The attack left the 44-year-old woman paralyzed in the lower portion of her body.

Zy’Nika Ayesha Woods, 19, is charged with serving as Harrell’s getaway driver.

Harrell was arrested across town in southeast Houston a few days after the crime, thanks in part to images captured by Flock Safety and Zaladium Analytics cameras funded by the District.

Flock Safety cameras automatically capture images of license plates and other vehicle characteristics. The District purchased 40 of them in 2022 to help authorities with their crime investigations.

Zaladium Analytics places security cameras on commercial corridors as part of its contract with the District.

Kenneth Li chairs the board and board member Peter Acquaro chairs its public safety committee.

“The district board is honored to play a direct role in fighting crime in our area, using the funds we collect from commercial property owners to promote and protect the District,” Li said in January, after security camera evidence helped police capture suspects in a robbery outside a check cashing store. “This is one of many examples of how these efforts are paying off, and we look forward to even more.”

“As a voluntary board, we care about our community and we work year round on supporting HPD on various crime initiatives, improving training opportunities and relational policing efforts in the community,” Acquaro said. “The Flock cameras are just one of many of those initiatives we have recently implemented and we are glad to see it is having a force multiplier effect for law enforcement to help protect our communities and help further reduce crime in our area.”

He added, “These cameras are making a statement: ‘Come visit Southwest Houston to dine, shop, live and explore. But if you are coming here to commit a crime, the odds are increasing that you will be caught.’ “