This morning, I was extremely excited to announce my office’s latest initiative, In partnership with Houston METRO, at every bus shelter in District J, signs in English and Spanish will display a QR code that riders can scan with their smartphone and will direct them to the website.
On this site, hundreds of job openings will be displayed so Houstonians can easily access employment opportunities. Jobs will be categorized by professions such as: Admin, Arts & Entertainment, Education, Government, Hospitality, Internships, Medical, Professional Services, Restaurants, Skilled Labor, Technology, and jobs with METRO.
Due to the pandemic, many people lost jobs or had to settle for underemployment, so this is an innovative and creative way to use technology for job seekers. Moreover, as my office continues to make public safety a top priority, we want to give people opportunities to get employed as an attractive alternative to criminal behavior.
I want to thank METRO President and CEO, Tom Lambert, and the entire METRO team for their leadership and support. I also want to thank the director of the city’s Information and Technology Department, Lisa Kent, and her team (Bob Nowak and Mai Fung) for their extraordinary work in helping build the site. Special shout out to my office staff, and especially Emma Garza and Misty Starks for your excellent work.
I encourage everyone to visit, and pass the word to anyone looking for opportunity at any level.
Together we will!
Edward Pollard