July 2021

Combating COVID in Houston
B.T. – Street Connect!

Another school year is upon us! The BT COVID Health Education Team focused recent activities on supporting families, schools, and students. We began reaching out to school administrators mid-summer to offer health education and support that would create a healthy buzz about the return to in-person learning. The knowledge we provided created a defense arsenal for teachers and parents intended to slow the spread of COVID-19, and other infectious illnesses and diseases. Enclosed in this month’s newsletter are the highlights of some of those events as well as collaborations with other partners.
For more information about how to receive healthy support for your organization, email us at [email protected]Together, we can keep Houston on the road to recovery! 


Getting vaccinated is now easier and faster than ever in Houston. The Houston Health Department has FREE vaccination clinics placed all around the city, making it easier to walk in or schedule your appointment.
As influential figures in your network, we hope you take the time to share this valuable information with your community.
Find out more about locations, scheduling, free rides, and more:
Free Health Education Courses and Go Healthy Houston Community Events are available!
The OCDHEW COVID Health Education Unit offers free on-demand presentations and virtual courses designed to help keep you and your family safe. Take a moment to browse the public calendar and sign up today! Also, our vibrant Urban Gardens are in full operation mode! Check out the locations for these events in the calendar and visit a community garden near you! 


Project Firstline is excited to announce the launch of two new courses on Infection Control, with additional courses scheduled for release throughout the summer! 
Learn about the “whys” behind the reasons infection prevention and control is an important tool in combatting infectious diseases like
COVID-19 and more. This training helps to improve the way you share that information with your
family, patients, and the community. 
Certificates of Completion may be earned for finishing 1, 3 and 6 hours of training. 
If you haven’t already, we encourage you to sign up for the newsletter by texting “PROJECTFIRSTLINE” TO 22828. 

COVID Community Health Education Unit

Handwashing Activity at Arrow Academy led by BT Team!
Arrow Academy is a charter public school affiliated with The Harvest Church. It provides education to children in the Imperial Valley area where the COVID-19 positivity rate is high and vaccination rate is low. Our BT COVID Team collaborated with this school to provide back-to-school COVID-19 prevention instruction, which included a live handwashing activity for 230 students and staff members! Way to go Nurse Rhonda! 
BT Health Education Teams Lead Table Talk at Blood Drive Event 
COVID Community Education Staff were present at the Janice Weaver blood drive held at Young Women’s College Preparatory to provide information about health education classes and to offer Personal Protective Equipment to attendees. Several community vendors along with many HHD programs were also onsite (including the DAWN program) to introduce our services to the community, provide COVID-19 testing, and vaccinations. We engaged directly with over 65 participants, with the majority agreeing to sign up for our newsletter to receive some of our awesome incentives. Our estimated reach for the event was over 200. Several community programs also expressed interest in partnering with us for future events.
BT Health Education Team partners with Harris County Veterinarians
Our BT HET recently worked with the Harris County Veterinary Public Health Mobile team to provide pet owners with valuable information about COVID-19. While their pets were being vetted, our team educated their owners about the importance of getting vaccinated.  
Interested in the COVID Community Health Education Unit and want to learn more or become a partner?

Keeping Up Online!

Infection Prevention Week
This year’s theme is “Make Your Intention Infection Prevention”—we want to highlight the science behind infection prevention and inspiring the next generation of IPs to join the fight. 
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
The past couple of years have been hard on everyone, particularly harder on those with cancer. This year we are busting myths and sharing the stories of those affected by breast cancer!
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Take Your Best Shot | COVID-19 Vaccine Myths and Facts Part 2
Houston’s Health Authority, Dr. David Persse, talks about COVID-19 vaccine safety. This is part of Take Your Best Shot, a multilingual public health education campaign empowering Houstonians with the knowledge and skills to protect their families and communities from COVID-19.
Visit HoustonEmergency.org/covid19 or call 832-393-4220 or 832-393-4301 for info.