Public Safety

The Southwest Management District provides important services to enhance the business environment and quality of life for its residents. These services enhance the values of all properties in the District. Thus, the District has become an ally of real estate owners, developers and brokers engaged in managing, developing, marketing or leasing commercial properties. These services are provided in accordance with a broad public safety initiative.

The Southwest Management District’s specific Public Safety Services:

  • Partners with local law enforcement agencies to focus attention on the safety needs of the area.
  • Builds positive relationships between property owners and public safety organizations through sponsorship of safety awareness programs and activities.
  • Implements and tracks new technology to reduce crime rates.
    Example: Mobile cameras.
  • Advocates for security needs and funding with city, county, state and national law enforcement and criminal prosecution agencies.
  • Conducts lighting surveys to ensure that the City of Houston and utility companies are apprised immediately of outages in public areas.
  • Contracts for graffiti removal services throughout the District. Since this program was implemented, over 6,800 graffiti locations have been abated.
  • Partners with the City of Houston to remove abandoned structures and vehicles.

Safety programs and initiatives are coordinated by the Public Safety Committee which meets regularly.

HPD Explorer Program

Southwest District’s support for HPD Explorers’ program is fairly recent. It is a new priority for Public Safety Committee Chairman Peter Acquaro.

Currently, we are assisting with up to $1,000 so that Officer Melissa Lopez with HPD Midwest can receive training. Her course takes place in September. HPD Westside’s Explorer Program has been the charge of Officer Mike Prause. South Gessner is still trying to develop its Explorers program. Westside has 65 Explorers. Midwest has about 20.

Crime Prevention Video

Chinese Subtitled Public Safety Video

Public Safety Initiatives & Committees

  • S. E. A. L. Security – S.E.A.L. Security Solutions is your Courtesy Security Patrol contractor for the District.S. E. A. L. Security conducts regular patrols of the business centers corridors of assessment payers. You may reach S. E. A. L. Security Solutions for non-emergencies by calling the dispatch center at: 281.407.1160. LIC# PSB C15942. Remember, if you have an emergency Call 911 First!
  • About S.E.A.L. Security Solutions:
    All officers have prior military, police or security experienceAll officers are K-9 certified
    All officers are level 3 trained and are required to attend monthly in service training
    S. E. A. L. operates a regional security officer training center
    Training is conducted by active duty veteran police officer
    S. E. A. L. operates a 24 hour communication center that maintains continuous contact with on duty officers through Hand Held Phone/Walkie Talkie and GPS Tracking
    Clients may contact S. E. A. L. at their 24 hour number: 281.407.1160
S. E. A. L. Security – S. E. A.L. is your new Courtesy Security Patrol contractor for the district. You may reach S. E. A. L. Security Solutions, ‘Your New Guys’, at:
281.407.1160. LIC# PSB C15942. Remember, if you have an emergency Call 911 First!

  • Special Watch Program -The Special Watch Program allows deputies to collect and disseminate local specific offenses to all deputies for increased focused patrols in these areas. Armed with this information, deputies routinely monitor these “special watch” areas for additional infractions. Contact the duty phone by calling 281.638.3465.
  • Public Safety Committee Meetings – The District holds a joint Public Safety Committee meeting with the International District on occasions. Public Safety Committee meetings are done in collaboration with various Law Enforcement entities throughout the District.
  • Mobile Surveillance Cameras have been shown to be a very effective tool against crimes committed in business centers and multi-family complexes.
  • Graffiti Abatement / Light Surveys – The District is very active in removing the visual blight caused by graffiti in the District. Graffiti abated by the District is color matched and chronicled for HPD investigations. Street light surveys are performed bi-monthly. Street light outages are reported to CenterPoint Energy for repair.