Greetings District J,

We hope and pray all is well and that you receive this correspondence in good health. Council Member Pollard is proud to introduce to you the District J HOT Team. The HOT Team is something new for District J, and we are excited to have this opportunity to bring additional services to the district. The purpose of this team is to be a supplemental service provider in addition to the Solid Waste Department.

They will be able to assist in the following areas for now:

  • Pick up scattered debris
  • Heavy Trash (mattresses, tires, furniture, appliances…etc., but not chemicals, roofing, shingles, brick, plaster, concrete…etc.)
  • Tree Waste
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Specific Landscaping

The Team consists of Supervisor Kevin Kebede and associates J.B. Sithole and Raymond Tucker, and they will work directly with the District J Office regarding specific requests submitted via 311. Stakeholders who have a request for the HOT Team should submit the request to 311. Once you receive a service request number (SR#), please email your request with the SR# to our Director of Constituent Services David Alexander Brizuela.  It is absolutely imperative that before sending a request to the District J Office there MUST BE A 311 SUBMISSION AND SERVICE REQUEST# PROVIDED. We will then work with the HOT Team to fulfill the request.

In order for District J to be serviced efficiently and in a timely manner, we have broken down the district into specific days on when you may expect the Hot Team in your area. Each area, as well as neighborhoods in close proximity, will be serviced every Thursday of the month.

The following is a breakdown of the District:

  • 1st Thursday: Sharpstown
  • 2nd Thursday: St. George, Gulfton, and Richmond Plaza South
  • 3rd Thursday: Braeburn
  • 4th Thursday: Alief/Westwood

Again, we are so excited to roll out this initiative that started today. This the first of its kind in District J, and we know this supplemental initiative will be a major success. Please join us in welcoming the District J HOT Team. They will be serving your area soon.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Take care and warm regards,


Paul H. Young, eMPA
Chief of Staff
Council Member Edward Pollard
District J