Our Fall Virtual Programming calendar is filled with opportunities for students, teachers, parents, and community members to engage in life-saving conversations, think critically about current crime issues and learn critical safety awareness.

Check out this week’s virtual presentations!


Monday, September 14 at 10am

S.A.V.E. – Protecting Students from Sex Trafficking

In this presentation Safe Community Program Manager, Sydney Zuiker sits down with native Houston human trafficking survivor, Dr. Nissi Hamilton to discuss the importance of anonymous reporting and pressing human trafficking concerns. They will cover current human trafficking trends and the importance of community engagement to mitigate human trafficking in your schools and homes today.


Tuesday, September 15 at 1pm

Juvenile Laws

Education Specialist, Nayeli Moyeda, will cover the specificity of laws that directly impact teens, and what consequences are warranted for particular behaviors. Emphasizes laws directly related to important topics such as, cyber safety, bullying, terroristic threats, right to privacy, law of parties, consent, human trafficking, and substance use.


Join us September 16 for the Premiere Episode of The Balanced Voice Podcast!

For 40 years, the Crime Stoppers of Houston team has been bridging the gap between law enforcement and citizens, working hand-in-hand with media and other community partners, fighting for the protection of all, making vulnerable populations a priority, and engaging in difficult but balanced, solution-focused, conversations.

We can all agree that 2020 has been the year of uncertainty and unforeseen challenges. Nevertheless, Crime Stoppers of Houston has continued to be innovative and proactive. With more and more people turning to the organization for guidance, we knew it was time to establish a national platform that will expand our reach and ensure the health and safety of all.

Enter, “The Balanced Voice” podcast, where we will be interviewing local and national news makers as well as field experts in a balanced manner so that real solutions can be discovered and shared!


Thursday, September 17 at 1pm

Tip Line for the Community

Since its inception in 1980, the famed Crime Stoppers of Houston, anonymous, Tip Line has helped to solve over 35,000 serious crime cases in the Greater Houston Area. Education Specialist, Nayeli Moyeda educates on crime prevention, current criminal activity trends, identifying threats and potential dangers, and how to safely and anonymously report tips through the Crime Stoppers of Houston Tip Line.