Thanksgiving In A Bag…

Happy Halloween to all of our supporters! As we are entering the holiday season, we want to share some of the stories of ECHOS with all of you so that you feel connected to our families and know a little more about what we do and how you can support our Thanksgiving in a Box program.

With your help, we want to make this holiday season special for the families we serve! This is a great opportunity to teach your children about the blessings of giving. Or a project your congregation can participate in.

This Thanksgiving help us make sure our families can celebrate with good food on their table. When shopping for the items please remember not to buy glass containers or give expired foods.

You are encouraged to enclose an uplifting message or prayer for the family who will receive the bag!

Thanksgiving In a Box List of Foods

Please drop off the tote/bag/box before Monday, November 18th at THE ECHOS office.

Meet Maricela

Maria is the mother of a little boy and comes to ECHOS for assistance.

She struggles to pay for his asthma medicine. His asthma is so severe that he needs a new inhaler monthly. So, she makes sure his health insurance benefits are kept up to date, and that he goes to the doctor regularly. Without Children’s Medicaid, her son would not receive the medicine.

Without ECHOS, Maria would not know how to fill out the forms for Medicaid, health benefits her son needs, and he is ELIGIBLE for!

Food Pantry

More than 30,000 individuals have been fed in the food pantry this year. Help us continue to have nutritious food available for the families we serve.

Children Under 18 years of Age

43% of the clients we serve are children. Their families receive food, assistance signing up for healthcare benefits and much more.