City Council Passes FY 2020 Operating and CIP Budgets…

Sharpstown Municipal Services Fee Reduced by 35%

City Council passed the City of Houston’s FY2020 $5+ Billion annual Operating Budget on June 19th and the annual Capital Improvements Budget on July 10th. This year I voted for both budgets.

I am pleased to report that the Mayor’s Office agreed to reduce the Municipal Services Fee (MSF) that has been assessed against the Sharpstown Tax Increment Re-Investment Zone (TIRZ) for the coming year. The reduction of the MSF from $3,500,000 to $2,2500,000 will give the Sharpstown TIRZ an additional $1,250,000 to apply to its current list of improvement projects. You will recall that the TIRZ has recently helped fund improvements to Lansdale and Crain Parks as well as the new Sharpstown Family Pool. Its numerous past projects – such as the redevelopment of Bellaire and Fondren Boulevards, and its current list of prospective capital improvement projects such as the Westwood flood detention basin and green space, and improvements to Harwin – are strategically important to District J. I am grateful the additional funds will be available for these future projects.

The Capital Improvement Budget for District J largely remains the same. However, across the city, a number of CIP budget items have been extended to future years to accommodate the City’s need to use current funds for Harvey relief construction needs. The Administration has reported that money’s spent on Harvey relief will be restored as federal disaster funds are delivered to the City from Washington.

Council Member Mike Laster

Safe Sidewalk Projects

The Safe Sidewalk Program is one of the few infrastructure initiatives the city has to address sidewalks in disrepair. The program emphasizes fixes for sidewalks that are frequented by disabled individuals, school children, and that run along major thoroughfares. In addition to the Safe Sidewalk Program, the District J office has also used the discretionary Council District Fund to allocate money towards sidewalk repairs in District J.

District J has been fortunate to be the recipient of three recent Safe Sidewalk projects. Please be on the lookout for repairs and new sidewalks along these stretches:

  • Chimney Rock Road (Both Sides) from Bellaire Blvd. to Elm St.
  • Triola Ln. (South Side) from Jorine St. to Augustine St.
  • Renwick Dr. (East Side) from Westpark Dr. to Elm St.

If you would like more information related to the Safe Sidewalk Program, please click the link provided.