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The District Journal - Nov. 19

Being Grateful...


This edition of the District Journal is being delivered to you as each of us scurry along to get ready for this year’s upcoming Thanksgiving festivities. If you are like me, you have just realized that the third week of November is already here and that you have left all the preparations for the last minute! Sometimes all the commotion surrounding the holiday gets in the way of taking time to savor the reason for the day – being grateful.

There is much that contributes to our being anxious these days. The nightly news reminds us that we live in a broken and challenged world. But surely each of us encounter daily moments of grace for which we can be thankful.

Perhaps it is the security of a long held job or the excitement of a new one. It could be that unexpected call from a loved one or long lost friend. Maybe it’s the chance to start over – an opportunity to redeem something we have really messed up. It could be the re-assuring knowledge of a fully stocked refrigerator. Or it may be as simple as knowing your neighbor is watching your property while you are away. Whatever occasion, person, or action means the most to you take the next few days to savor it. To be thankful. To be grateful.

Wishing you and yours abundant blessings and safe travels this Thanksgiving,
Council Member Mike Laster

Public Posting of New Boarding Homes


Did you know you can search for new boarding homes, lodging facilities and correctional and alternative housing facilities coming into your neighborhood? A recent vote to change the boarding home ordinance means that new applications are posted publicly, thanks to an amendment put forward by Council Member Laster.

If you feel that properties on the list are not following guidelines and restrictions, please let your District J office know, so that an investigation can be initiated.

Please click here to see the listings. The postings can be viewed by clicking on the links found under the "Notifications" category.

District J Assists Elderly Homeowner with Bees


In Mid-October, the District J office was able to assist an elderly constituent with a big bee problem. Nearly one million killer bees were removed from the home with the help of pro-bono bee removal services by Gotcha Pest Control.

During the removal of two massive beehives, it started raining, causing the bee suit to become wet. Bees were able to penetrate through the material, and it is estimated the bee keeper was stung around 40 times. Despite that, they continued with the job until all of the bees were removed.

Beekeeping services are typically not offered by the City. We want to thank Gotcha Pest Control for its generous assistance to this District J resident.

Pictures from the Month


Sharpstown High School Student Ambassadors visit City Council


Sharpstown HS National Honor Society, Madres del Parque, and Piney Point Elementary School were honored at the 34th Annual Mayor's Proud Partners Breakfast


Community town hall meeting with homeowners in the Richmond Corridor