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The District Journal, March 7, 2019

Harvey Recovery Team to be in District J

Many District J homeowners were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. New sources of money have recently been made available to assist those affected. The new Homeowner Assistance Program consists of five program options, including: reimbursement for home repairs, city-managed rehab and repair, homeowner-managed repair, acquisition by the City, and interim mortgage assistance.

If you would like more details related to these programs, visit the official recovery website here. There will also be two canvassing events in District J starting in the month of March. Expect to see surveyors in affected neighborhoods, going door-to-door to sign up interested homeowners and answer questions.

In addition to the permanent Housing Resource Center in District J located at 6464 Savoy Drive, Suite 110, there will be a temporary satellite location open at Bayland Community Center, Room 9, on Saturday, March 23rd, from 9am to 4pm. Intake specialists will be on hand to answer questions and sign you up for the Harvey Recovery Survey.

Please take advantage of these opportunities to fill out the survey and declare your interest in the new Harvey-related Homeowner Assistance Program.

Thank You,
Council Member Mike Laster



District J Community Meeting

District Journal 03-07-19-01

The District J Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 27th at 6:30pm, at the Bayland Community Center. Please make plans to attend this important meeting regarding infrastructure and capital improvement projects in District J!



Good Samaritan Helps Out Gulfton HPD Storefront

District Journal 03-07-19-02

When the front door to the Gulfton HPD Storefront was shattered in January, a local glass company stepped up to the plate to help. This is a special shout out to Bob Ceuric and Glass Masters Company for helping out our heroes in blue and providing a new, free door to the storefront!



Rev. Patrick Miller Gives Invocation at Council

District Journal 03-07-19-03

We would like thank the Rev. Patrick Miller of St. Marks Episcopal Church for giving the invocation at City Council on Feb. 12th.