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The District Journal, March 5, 2018

Mayor Proposes New Floodplain Building Heights

Property Owners Should Be Aware --- Public Comment Period Ends Monday, March 5


As part of the City's on-going responses to the flooding effects of Hurricane Harvey, Mayor Turner has proposed new building heights designed to elevate homes out of potential floodwaters. The Mayor wants City Council to vote on these proposals by the middle of March. The administration has established the public comment deadline of 5:00 pm Monday, March 5, 2018. At present, no public meetings outside of City Council Committees or City Council Sessions are planned.

The proposals will directly control how high residences and other structures must be built within the 100 and 500 floodplains. The City estimates that these changes will effect 186,985 properties within the City limits.

Approximately sixty percent (60%) of all of the properties of District J are located within the boundaries of the 100 year and 500 year floodplains. Virtually all of District J's currently existing single family residential communities are located inside those two areas.

Please be aware of the proposals and understand they are likely to directly impact new structural construction or building renovations and additions on your land.

Please review the following provided sites to better understand the proposals and to make public comments by the 5:00 PM Monday, March 5, 2018, deadline:

Power Point Presentation
Draft Ordinance

Please answer this survey if you are interested in registering your opinion regarding these changes.

I look forward to hearing from you about this important legislation.

Thank You,

Council Member Mike Laster

District J CIP Meeting


The District J CIP Meeting will be held on March 28th, 6:30pm at the Bayland Park Community Center (6400 Bissonnet.) Please note the change in location. Thank you!

Heavy Trash Pickup & Enforcement


The Solid Waste Department has announced that the regular Heavy Trash/Tree Waste pickup schedule will resume on March 1st. As March is a "Tree Waste" month, Junk Waste pickup will start citywide on April 1st for the first time.

In tandem with Junk Waste/Tree Waste pickup resuming, the Department of Neighborhoods will begin enforcement of Heavy Trash violations on March 1st as well. Please make sure to report the violations to 311 as well as your District J office.

Sharpstown Heavy Trash Cleanup

A volunteer effort will be organized in Sharpstown on Saturday April 7th at 10am to assist elderly and disabled residents move their junk waste to the curb. Residents who are interested in assistance at their home can call the Sharpstown Civic Assoc. office at (713) 789-2311 and speak with Scott Gilbert.

For all those interested in volunteering, please contact Edward Pollard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rope A Ride on METRO


Hire Houston Youth


Open enrollment has begun for the Hire Houston Youth Program! The program will aid teens and young adults aged 16 to 24 with finding summer jobs. Enrollment ends March 16th. If you are interested, click the link above!