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September 11, 2012 - Houston's Chinatown

Sharpstown District

What the Star Chefs Love in Houston's Chinatown

Houston's Chinatown

Several Chinatown restaurants were featured in this month's issue of Texas Monthly and in the New York Times!

Some of Houston's finest Chefs shared their favorite spots in Chinatown. Read about the culinary hot spots below!

Chris Shepherd: HK Dim Sum & Lucky Pot

Mr. Shepherd considers the owners of HK Dim Sum (9889 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite 110, hkdimsumcity.com) family, a sentiment that was clearly reciprocated on a recent visit as he was ushered past the Saturday afternoon crowds to a corner table.

Across the street, Lucky Pot (9888 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite 158) is another one of Mr. Shepherd's go-to restaurants. "It's not lucky, and they don't serve anything in a pot, but you can't beat the Peking duck," he said.

David Grossman: Mala Sichuan Bistro

If you're wondering just how fresh the pot-roasted whole tilapia is at Mala Sichuan Bistro (9348 Bellaire Boulevard), take note of the fish tank. There's the "before" version of what's lying, hidden under a mound of Sichuan peppers, on your platter. "It reminds me of the Sichuan restaurants in New York," said Mr. Grossman, who lived in Queens before moving to Houston and opening Branch Water Tavern (510 Shepherd Drive, branchwatertavern.com). "It may be even better."

Manabu Horiuchi: Fu Fu Café

From a service perspective, Fu Fu Café (9889 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite 105) doesn't thrill. A long wait outside is likely to be met with an even longer wait at the table. Still, Manabu Horiuchi frequents this small strip-mall hide-out for its Shanghai-style soup dumplings, called steamed pork buns in-house, which he eats "straight, with a spoon." All will be forgiven when the metal basket of these dough sacs filled with tender pork and an addictive aromatic broth are delivered.

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Sharpstown District