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How to Spend a Day in Dun Huang Plaza

By Abby Ledoux, Houstonia

The Bellaire Boulevard strip mall can be overwhelming to newcomers. Here’s an itinerary to get you started.

I FIRST EXPERIENCED Dun Huang Plaza last Thanksgiving. With no plans, no family in a 2,000-mile radius, and no idea how to cook a turkey, it was the perfect time for this Newstonian to pay a visit. From the outside, I’ll admit, 9889 Bellaire Blvd. didn’t look like much. But appearances deceive. After finally finding a parking space, I wandered the little shops, tasty bakeries, and great restaurants lining the plaza’s four multi-story buildings, entranced. I’ve now returned many times, usually with visiting friends in tow, always eager to introduce them to this little strip mall of magic. Every time is like the first, and no one leaves disappointed. Want to plan your own day at Dun Huang? Here’s an itinerary to get you started.

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