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Crime Stoppers of Houston - This month's focus: financial crime awareness and prevention

crime stoppers of houston

identity theft

During the month of March, Crime Stoppers of Houston focuses on financial crime awareness and prevention. We encourage you to join the conversation, because after all, the more you know, the safer you can be!

What is identify theft?

Identity theft is defined as the unauthorized use or attempted misuse of someone’s credit, the misuse of personal information, or a combination of these types of misuse.

Did you know:

  • In 2016, 13 million Americans were victims of identity theft in the US with an average of $1,585 per incident.
  • The state of Texas ranks 3rd in the nation for cybercrime victims.
  • In 2015, many credit card companies introduced the microchip (EMV) making them difficult to counterfeit; however, fraudsters now focus more on opening credit cards and accounts using a victim’s name and other stolen personal information.

The security of your personal and financial information is of paramount importance:

Cyber Safety

"Stranger Danger" - a buzz word we all have heard a thousand times. While we know that it is paramount to be cautious with people we don't know, we easily forget about it when being online. Yet it is equally important, if not more important when in the cyber world.

A criminal case of an aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon we recently solved thanks to a tip to the Crime Stoppers' Tip Line all started with an allegedly random friendship on social media. We got one bad guy off our streets, but there are many more out there. [Remember - if you see something, say something!]

This proves once more that we have to be alert of the threats that come with connecting online and familiarize ourselves and especially our kids with internet safety:

  • Please take a minute, read important internet safety reminders here and share with your family, kids and friends
  • Connect with us and schedule a presentation on cyber safety
  • Use our Tip Line 713-222-TIPS to report if you know or suspect any criminal activity


Pictured above: Talking about internet safety to 6th graders at a Girls' Scout Troop meeting a few weeks ago (as part of our Safe School Program)

Spring Break Safety

It feels just like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year, yet somehow Spring Break is already right around the corner!

A much anticipated week for students, families and children getting out of school. Whether you’re vacationing or planning a “staycation,” there are precautionary measures you and your family should take. Studies show that vehicle fatalities in popular Spring Break spots rose by nine percent in 2015, as this week-long holiday is a deadly time on Texas roadways. Be sure to have fun and be extra cautious when planning your travels.

Don’t let all of the commotion and excitement steer you away from the potential dangers of this break. Click here to read more spring break safety reminders!

The Rania Report

Rania ReportIt was time for some action. After declining a majority of those friend requests, I also took it one step further. I decided to create a professional page called “The Rania Report with Rania Mankarious.” A professional page adds a few more safeguards and just seemed to make sense. As for the name, The Rania Report is the username I have used for some time (I had a blog ages ago back in Boston by the same name) and @theraniareport is also my Twitter handle and Instagram username.

This professional Facebook page is a page that I will use to share stories about work, life, public safety finds and messages and hopefully engage with so many of you who are public safety minded. It’s a page that I hope you will like or follow and reach out to me through. I encourage you to post questions, share articles and create discussion.