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August 10, 2012 - E-News - Mobility

Sharpstown District

2012 General Mobility Program Referendum

Learn more about the upcoming General Mobility Program (GMP) referendum with the New METRO's multi-media resource center:

  • Get a quick overview of the GMP referendum and its role in our community.
  • Watch METRO meetings discussing the "ins and outs" of the General Mobility Program.
  • Get the facts, figures and historical perspective on the General Mobility Program from its inception, including proposals for the future of GMP in our region.
  • Download the General Mobility Program (GMP) worksheet and create your own distribution of GMP funds.
  • Email METRO your ideas, thoughts and comments with our interactive page. We'd love to hear from you.

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Metro mobility fund plan divides board

A sharply divided Metro board approved a plan Friday that would give the city of Houston tens of millions of dollars more for road projects under a ballot referendum to be put before voters in November.

The 5-4 vote followed a sometimes strained, four-hour meeting and sparked accusations that city board appointees had orchestrated the move.

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View the GMP Board Proposals

METRO HOT Lanes on the Southwest Freeway

Like the first METRO HOT lane to open, I-45 South, the tolls range from $1 to $4.50, based on the time of day. Solo drivers can access the HOT lane during specific periods in the morning and afternoon drive times. The HOT lane will be closed at the peak of the morning (7-8 a.m.) and afternoon (5-6 p.m.) rush hours in order to keep the lane flowing smoothly at about 50 mph.

How Do METRO HOT Lanes Work?

Current HOV Lane users will see only one significant change: a lane for verification of the number of occupants in the vehicle.

Drivers without passengers are allowed to use the system by paying a toll with an authorized toll tag. This includes a METRO HOT Lanes Toll Tag, Harris County EZ TAG, TxDOT's TxTAG or the Dallas NTTA Toll Tag.

Traffic monitoring systems will help METRO maintain traffic speeds to ensure optimal travel times for existing HOV Lane users, as well those using the METRO HOT Lanes.

Learn more about the benefits, facts, and how to use the METRO HOT Lanes at ridemetro.org.

Additional information on the HOT Lanes can be found at ihatehoustontraffic.com.

"Now I know why it's in the noontime, because it's a HOT lane, right?"

Kenneth Lee with the Sharpstown Management District was at the Hillcroft Transit Center for the ribbon-cutting for Metro's new U.S. 59 HOT lane on July 30.

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